Daaven Tours and Travels



Daaven Tours & Travels is a sister concern subsidiary unit to its parent company of Daaven Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.,owned by its Managing Director cum Chairman, ‘Mr.Basudev Sahoo’ a visionary and successful entrepreneur in the Hospitality Industry of Odisha ,who continuously not only encouraging the young entrepreneurs of ‘Odisha’ but also remaining an inspiration for many of them. 


With the diversification of Daaven Tours and Travels’ our Mission is to be an active participator in promoting tourism of ‘Odisha’ which is known as a tourism hub for its old ‘Heritage’,’Eco-Tourism’,’Wild-Life-Sanctuaries’ and many more with a team of continuous efforts as well innovation and creativeness for the Tourism segment for its domestic as well international tourists coming from all over the World to ‘Odisha’ with a vision to become among the best in capital cum future smart city, ‘Bhubaneswar’ with a ‘Good-Will’ and better ‘Brand-Value’ in ‘Eastern-Odisha’.


With the increasing interests and demands of the Tourists to ‘Odisha’ for its Old Heritages, Temples, Traditional-Village-Cultures and with the evolving Eco & Wild-Life Sanctuaries,not only Tourists from all over the World including In-bound and Out-bound are being attracted but also the Pilgrimages also as one of the ‘Char-Dham’ of ‘India’. Our Vision is to provide the best available Service with Value for Spend for better Customer-Delight with our punch line ‘Service to Guest is Service to God’ with our one stop solution for our Guests ‘Travel,Tour & Stay’ in Comfort.



All Odisha Best Travels Available with Comfort and Affordability



We are having our Travels in the prime locations of Bhubaneswar,Puri,Satapada (Chilika) with operating from its H.O from Bhubaneswar the Capital City and future smart City of Odisha,India and also tied-up with many others for easiness to serve our Guests. We are providing all types of Vehicles on Rental for Tours,Transfers and Sight-Seen as well for our Guests with Affordable prices and also Boats on Rental at Satapada (CHILIKA),the famous tourist place for ‘Irrawaddy-Dolphins’ and ‘Bird-Sanctuary’ and sights.

We also provide Customized-Travel plans as per need of our Guests with prior intimation and confirmation to us as well.



Best Odisha Tours of the Tourist Places of East,West,North and South



Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark which is known as the ‘Golden-Triangle’ of Odisha. Bhubaneswar which is known as the most preferable places for tourists to stay for its cleanness and to meet the easiness of comfort. Apart from this we also provide most attractive Tours of Eastern,South places apart from the other places of Odisha, such as Brhmapur, Cuttack, Sambalpur,Rourkela,Koraput,Jaypore etc,. We also provide the Eco-Tour, Wild-Life-Sanctuaries and Adventures Tourism-Tour-Packages of Odisha, India.

We also provide Customized-Travel plans as per need of our Guests with prior intimation and confirmation to us as well.




Best and Affordable Hotels and Resorts in Odisha



We provide comfortable Eco-Cottage-Stay of our Guests in Resorts in nature’s Paradise of CHILIKA which is Largest Salt-Water Lake in India and 2nd Largest in World and best service Quality as well as Affordable Hotels in Puri, Bhubaneswar and other places of Odisha with easy access from Prime locations and Pick-up points from Airport,Railway-Station,Bus-Stop and comfort of staying with hygiene foods in the in house  Hotel  Restaurants with  EP,CP AP and MAP plans of Hotels & Resorts & Day Tours.

We also provide Customized-Stay plans as per need of our Guests with prior intimation and confirmation to us as well.