World-Famous RATHA-YATRA /CART-FESTIVAL of PURI, Jagannath-Dham

We are providing special tour packages for ‘Puri’ which is not only one of the ‘CHAR-DHAM’ of  ‘World’ but also one the oldest ‘Heritage’ of India.

We are also providing Special ‘Summer-vacation’ tour of ‘Chilika’ including ‘Sight-Seeing’ and the enjoy of ‘Sea-Foods’ with delicious ‘Veg-Preparations’ also. The Most affordable packages are of ‘Day-Out’ and ‘Night-Stay’ and will depend upon your night and day stays.


We are providing Special East-Odisha ‘Heritage-Tour’ with visits to the places like one of Char-Dham ‘The-Jagannath-Dham’ of ‘PURI’, and apart from this the Heritages like ‘The-Lingaraj-Temple’, ‘The-Rajarani-Temple’, ‘The-Khandagiri-Montain’, ‘The-Udaya-Giri-Mountain’, ‘The-Dhauligiri-Mountain’, ‘The-SUN-Temple’, and others..


We are providing one of the most attractive triangular tour of Eastern-Odisha, popularly known as ‘The-Golden-Triangle‘ of Odisha state. This includes visits to the World famous places of ‘Odisha’, starting from the capital city..

‘BHUBANESWAR’ then to ‘KONARK’ and while returning from Konark to ‘PURI’ with enjoying your drive to Puri on the famous ‘Marine-Drive’ and enjoying your evening with family at Puri with relaxing in the famous ‘Puri-Beach’ and your stay at Puri . The very next day morning visit of World famous ‘Jagannath-Dham’ at Puri and the return back to your departure point.





We are Providing and arranging Corporate Meetings and Conferences at City as well as Exotic locations and locations free from Noise,pollution and busy life of City as well . Our special designed Corporate functions includes.. Sales-Promotion’, ‘Employee-Reward’, etc., apart from the budget meeting and general Monthly,Cycle Meetings and Conferences as well with prior discussions and confirmations.


We are providing tour packages specially designed for guests who want to spend their Holiday-Vacation free from  city ‘Crowd’, ‘Noise’ and ‘Pollution’,etc.., in the Nature’s Lap of ‘CHILIKA’ with ‘Sight-Seen‘, ‘Sea-Foods’ and ‘Stay‘ and even with some ‘Activities’ in ‘RESORT‘ in an ‘island’ with ‘Eco-Friendly-Environment.






We are providing special get-together programs for family as well as group for any special occasion or date as per prior intimation, discussion,      confirmation and availability of resources.It includes functions such as..Birthday, Anniversary, Kitty parties..etc.







Enjoy mouth watering Sea-Foods of Crab,Fish,Prawn,etc,.and also delicious Veg-Preparations along with your comfortable stay at Eco-Resort. Also Enjoy Boat journey while fishing with Sight-Seen as well as relax yourself with Beach-fun and many more..



Prmotions for Tourism of Best Heritages,Old-Temples,Eco and Wild-Life-Sanctuaries


We promote Odisha Tourism with the increase in interest of Guests over the years from tourists all over the World to visit different places of Odisha with packages and and tours in relevance with the concepts of Eco,Heritage as well as Wild life sanctuaries of Orissa basing upon the needs of our Guests.



Corporate Meetings and Conderences with Events and Activities


Keeping the busy life of the city people and corporate we have unique stress-free programmes as well as Get-Together, Meetings and Conferences in a Resort build up in an Island in nature’s lagoon Chilika-Lake, free from City Noise,Pollution with different activities keeping in mind the interest level of Guests.

Specialty of the Destination for the Events at CHILIKA


  • Daaven’s Chilika Island Resort, have no connectivity by road. It is only accessibility by a lifetime adventurous boat journey of 45 minutes from the base station i.e. Satapada or Janhikuda Boat Jetty, which is most amazing and a new experience among many tourist spots of ODISH

  • The only  unique ideal identified Spot, where Nature supports to explore and experience variety of aqua fishes, Prawns, crabs, flora and fauna, Migratory and  Native Birds and to enjoy Long Boat drive, Full Moon Boat Safari, Sea Mouth, Virgin Beach activities, Temples, Forest along wit‌h Irrawaddy Dolphins around within one nutty miles radius of the Resort.

  • It is designed as Eco-Friendly with Village concept to relieve every time stressful city life that one can experience the Nature with its Calm, Inimitable and Romantic, Pollution free, and Quiet Privacy atmosphere, which is never experienced before.

  • Location wise the Resort is an unique one, for Stress free rest and Relaxation.

  • This beautiful spot on Chilika, surrounded with exotic culture, warm and friendly people which creates prominent landmark on satellite image of Odisha in India.

  • Resort landscape, Island Topography, Beautiful Forest, Rajhans Beach, Pollution Free Air, not only Asia’s Largest but also World’s second largest blackish water salt lake and Body and Natural Eco-environment is the attraction  for domestic as well as international Tourists from all over India and World.

  • This ideal spot and its environment is best for Day outing Tourists, Adventurous Couples,Families,Group for holiday vacation, Students and Corporate mind motivation meets, to Encourage Creativity and exclusively works as a learning tool on interactive Environment of Adventure, Fun, Culture and Communities to enhancing their ability and self-esteem. This is the only hotel and resort in a small island on Chilika, Barely minutes from the mainland.

  • As because Resort is at an Island on Chilika, the Quality Preparation of Fresh Sea Foods i.e. Fish, Prawn and Crab with better Value. Resort’s kitchen and fine-dining village style restaurants provides Choosy combo Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea and Snacks and Dinner which does not Pinch the purse compare to base station hotels and  the island is the  right place where everybody  needs to relax with good food in Family-Friendly atmosphere with Stay.