east-odisha (UNESCO),1300-C.E,INDIA

Tourist Places of Bhubaneswar the state capital Of Odisha in india
Incredible BHUBANESWAR,Odisha,India

2-Nights & 3-Days, Odisha-HERITAGE-Tour


Puri and Konark Tourist places known as the one of the Char-Dham of India and one the Old Heriatge of ancient B.C of the World respectively
Puri to Konark (UNESCO),1300-C.E,INDIA



The Chilika Lake of Odisha for Dolphin site and Migratory Birds
CHILIKA, Satapada, ODISHA, India



South-Odisha-Tour with Sea-Beach,Light-House of Gopalpur and Kalijai-Temple in Chilika Lake
BRHMAPUR the Silk-City of Odisha,India

2-Nights & 3-days, South-odisha-tour

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